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We want to help you connect your online social network with your offline interactions. If you're a member of several social networking sites and you meet someone new in person letting them know what sites you belong to can be a real hassle. When you sign up here you get a catchy url, a landing page that connects to several other sites, social cards and so much more.

Social cards are simplified business cards. They list your name and your url. Since we simplify the information on your card, they stay valid when you move, change jobs, or get a new phone number. What url would you like? We have a lot of options including,, and to name a few. If you'd like to see a sample page, click here:


Conferences are ideal places to connect with like-minded individuals. Use your social card to introduce yourself and your new friends will use it to connect with you online.

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Business cards become invalid after you change jobs. Writing down names and email addresses can be a hassle. Build your identity here and hand out social networking cards instead.

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You don't have to be a geek to socialize online. Hand out a social card anytime you want to extend your personal network. Your card directs new friends to your page and the sites you use most.

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